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Learning Services

Learning Services

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Learning Services


Through the learning services program, Kudumbashree NRO shares best practices implemented in Kerala with partner states. The learning services domain mainly offers two programs- Exposure visits and Internships. The exposure visits are visually impactful methods of enhancing people’s knowledge. Individuals coming on learning visits to Kudumbashree acquire an understanding of the potential of PRI-CBO convergence and micro-enterprise development in their respective states, making it an effective tool to build people's capacities. Stakeholders, including Gram Panchayat elected representatives,  women from the CBO network, block, district and state level officials from SRLMs visit Kudumbashree and Kerala to understand the development context, and activities on ground. KS-NRO also conducts visits for other Government departments and NGOs who want to understand Kudumbashree and its programs. The visits are often customized taking into consideration of the preference of visiting teams.

Visit by the OLM Team to Poothakulam Gram Panchyath

Internship opportunities are offered to students from reputed insitutions interested in understanding the work that Kudumbashree has been undertaking in Kerala. As an intern, students are provided with an opportunity to get practical experience under various domains of Kudmbashree and are also supervised by domain experts. At the end of the practicum, students are expected to share their reflections and learnings with Kudumbashree.

“The visit to Kerala to see the work undertaken by Kudumbashree women has been a great learning experience. The convergence model implemented in Kerala has empowered the local people here. Initiatives like Asraya and Balasabha are excellent examples of how an active and conscious community work together to support the vulnerable and bring about social change”.

-Saroj Kumar Mishra, Project Director DRDA, Odisha Livelihoods Mission

"After getting married at an early age I never stepped out of my house on my own. Because of the mentor didi from Kerala, today I have become an LRG and have also got to know about various schemes. I also got to visit Kerala which has been an enlightening experience and I am very impressed by how panchayats and the community have been working together. My visit to the panchayat in Kerala has been a very enlightening experience".

-Pushpa Devi, Ward member, Digyase Gram Panhayat, Jharkhand

"I am so happy to see how the NHG women and Panchayat representatives are joining their hands to build a beautiful future for the kids right from the Anganwadi where it is ensured that beautiful buildings, quality teachers, sufficient toys, books are being ensured. It was more exciting to know the fact that the nutritious food that is been distributed to these kids is a result of such women enterprise initiatives. The clean, healthy and a supportive environement is adding to the physical and mental growth of the kids".

-Urmila Devi, SHG member, Tarakada Gram Panchayat, Giridi District, Jharkhand

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