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India Food Court

‘Cafe Kudumbashree’ is the brand that Kudumbashree has developed to promote women run micro enterprises in the restaurant – catering sector in Kerala. With the objective of popularising the brand and giving an opportunity to women entrepreneurs to understand the prospects and challenges in food business, the idea of India Food Court was created. The event is organised at regular intervals in Kerala where women entrepreneurs from KS-NRO partner states and from Kerala set up food stalls and offer a wide variety of ethnic cuisines. India Food Court also features as part of SARAS Melas organised in Kerala by MoRD. These events have been providing immense exposure to women entrepreneurs across states for earning higher income and an avenue to explore newer opportunities in the area of food/catering business. Apart from earning additional income through the sale of food items, the entrepreneurs gain on-site training on café management aspects like bulk cooking, hygienic food production, making of variety food items, health and safety measures as well as customer management.


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Last updated on Saturday, 23 February 2019 14:59