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Mizoram is a state situated in the north eastern part of India. The state is located in a hilly terrain, rich in forest and biodiversity. The state was a part of Assam until 1972 and was granted statehood on February
1987 by Government of India. It shares an international boundaries with Myanmar and Bangladesh. The neighbouring states are Tripura, Manipur and Assam.The state is quite small in terms of size and has only eight administrative districts. There are 26 blocks in the state. The local development of villages is carried out by the Village Councils (VC) and there is also the presence of several NGOs. 


The state is predominantly inhabited by several ethnic groups. Some of the major tribes are Lushai, Ralte, Hmar, Paithe, Pawi in Mizoram. According to 2011 census the population was 11.2 lakh. Education has been a prime concern in the Mizo society, the literacy rate is 91.58% and is highest among the northeast states, and after Kerala at the national level. 


Kudumbashree NRO is currently partnering with Mizoram State Rural Livelihood Mission (MzSRLM) in the domains of PRI-CBO Convergence and microenterprise promotion under SVEP.




PRI-CBO Convergence


Mizoram State Rural Livelihood Mission (MzSRLM) and Kerala State Poverty Eradication Mission (Kudumbashree NRO) signed Memorandum of Understanding in October 2018. It is being implemented in two blocks namely Serchhip and East Lungdar of Serchhip district. The work started with scoping study was done in August. Mentors and professionals have been engaged on the field to carry out the activities. Stakeholders meet and several orientations were also conducted before initating project activities. On January 2019, LRG selection and trainings were completed at the Block level. 


The local governance bodies in Mizoram known as Village Councils have been working hand in hand with other Non-Governmental Organizations. Civil society plays an important role in the administration of the villages and in uplifting the socio-economic condition of the people. They are spread in all the villages and have their branches within the state of Mizoram. These NGOs are: The young Mizo Association (YMA), The Mizo Hmeichhe Insuikhawm Pawl (MHIP), The Mizoram Upa Pawl (MUP). The YMA is a youth group, MHIP is a women's group and MUP is an old age group. These groups render their services to the poor and needy and also address the concerns of the village by supporting the village councils. They are important stakeholders in the implementation of the project in the state.


For the FY 2020-21, Plans have been made to scale up in the district of Mamit. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, the plan has been pushed back until further notice.


Project implementation status as of June 2020

No. of Districts


No. of Blocks


No. of VCs


No. of VOs


No. of SHG

554 (as per MoU)

No. of Mentors from Kerala


No. of LRGs


No. of PAE Completed


No. of EAP Completed


No. of VPRP submitted to VC 

36 (excluding one VC)

No. of Professionals



Start-up Village Entrepreneurship Programme (SVEP)


The MoU between Kudumbashree NRO and MzSRLM was signed in April 2019, following which DPR preparation and CRP-EP training has been underway in the state. Christmas market and SARAS mela visit have been some of the highlights during 2019.


SVEP project status in Mizoram as of June 2020


No. of Blocks 


No. of CRPs-EP trained 


Total Target till March 2020


Number of enterprises supported till March 2020


Number of Mentors deployed


Number of BAPs deployed


Number of Professional(s)



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