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Uttar Pradesh

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Uttar Pradesh located in the northern part of India is the most populous state of the country with a total population of 19.98 crore according to census 2011. The state is famous for some of its architectural wonders like the Taj Mahal and Agra fort. Spread over a vast area, it shares its borders with nine states and Nepal to the north. Almost 77.73% of the population live in rural areas and the rest (22.27%) live in urban areas. The state’s literacy rate is 67.68%. According to the 2011 census, the state’s ST population is 0.56% and SC population is 20.69%. The state’s economy is driven by agriculture and service sector comprising of tourism, hotel industry and real estate. Perennial rivers, dense forests, fertile soil and green pastures across the state has contributed to the economy of the state. With the objective of promoting and improving livelihoods of the disadvantaged sections of the rural population, Uttar Pradesh State Rural Livelihood Mission (UPSRLM) was registered as an independent society under the aegis of Department of Rural Development. Recently the SRLM was named as PRERNA to accord a wider publicity to the activities of UPSRLM. The state has 75 districts, 814 blocks and 52905 gram panchayats. UP was one of the earliest states in the country to implement the UP Panchayat Raj Act in the year 1947.


Kudumbashree NRO is working in Uttar Pradesh for implementing PRI-CBO Convergence and SVEP. 


PRI-CBO Convergence 


The PRI-CBO Convergence project in UP started in September 2018 for a period of two years. As a part of the intervention, 100 GPs across ten districts were selected to pilot the model. The interventions were designed to work with the existing NRLM SHG network and bring them closer to the local governance institutions as well as the line departments. Currently, as the first phase of the implementation of the project, the work is being undertaken in 87 of the 100 GPs. To enable PRI-CBO Convergence project at the grassroots, 15 Kudumbashree-NRO Mentors have been deployed to work across the ten pilot districts of UP. 240 Convergence Community Resource Persons were identified and trained at the Panchayat level. During the course of one and a half years in UP, activities like identification and capacity building of cadre,PAE, EAP, VPRP have been completed in the field. Currently capacity building initiatives for strengthening the SHG network, innovative initiatives like weekly market and adult literacy is ongoing. Work in the remaining 13 GPs has also commenced.


Project status as of June 2020


No of Districts 10
No of Blocks 10
No of Villages /GPs 100
No of SHGs 1494
No of VOs 164
No of LRGs 240
No of GPs prepared where VPRP is prepared 87
No of mentors  15
No of Professionals  4


Start-up Village Entrepreneurship Programme (SVEP)


The MoU with Uttar Pradesh State Rural Livelihood  Mission (Prerna) was signed in October 2017 for Najibabad block, Bijnor district. The activities on the field were initiated in November 2017 with CRP-EP selection followed by preparation of DPR which was initiated from December 2017. The selected CRPs-EP were provided with a series of training programmes for conducting census and survey for DPR. This provided them with first hand exposure to the block. All the selected CRPs-EP are women in the block. The eight module of capacity building of training has been given to the CRP-Eps in all the blocks. CRP-Eps have been also oriented and trained on using the VE-IT application and they are ready to use the application from the new financial year (April 2020-21).


Kudumbashree NRO has signed MoU with Uttar Pradesh State Rural Livelihood Mission (Prerna) in June 2019 to support three new blocks namely Haswa block of Fatehpur district, Naraini block of Banda district, and Thekma block of Azamgarh district. The state and district level stakeholder workshop was also conducted to orient the Prerna staff on the SVEP. The activities on the field were initiated in March 2019 with CRP-EP selection.


SVEP project status in Uttar Pradesh as of June 2020


No. of Blocks 


No. of CRP-EP/MECs trained 

30 per block

Total Target till March 2020

Phase 1 - 1300

Phase 2 - NA

Number of enterprises supported till March 2020

Phase 1 - 808
Phase 2 - NA 

Number of Mentors Deployed


Number of BAPs deployed


Number of Professional



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