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States / Mizoram


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Mizoram is a state situated in the north eastern part of India. The state is located in a hilly terrain, rich in forest and biodiversity. It also has the distinction of having the second highest literacy rate after Kerala. According to the 2011 census, the population of the state is 11.2 lakhs. The state is quite small in terms of size and has only eight administrative districts. There are 26 blocks in the state. The local development of villages is carried out by the Village Councils (VC) and there is also the presence of several NGOs. 


PRI-CBO Convergence


The Convergence Project was rolled out in October 2018 on a pilot basis in Serchhip district. It is being implemented in two blocks namely Serchhip and East Lungdar of Serchhip district. The work started with scoping study which was done in August. Mentors and professionals have been engaged on the field to carry out the activities. Stakeholders meet and several orientations were also conducted before initating project activities. On January 2019, LRG selection and trainings were completed at the Block level. 

                                        Domain Footprint   
 Number of Districts  1
Number of Blocks  1
Number of SHGs      554          
Number of Villages   38
Mentors  8

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