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Skill training program organised for entrepreneurs in Bodhgaya News

Skill training program organised for entrepreneurs in Bodhgaya

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Sunday, 22 July 2018 11:45 Posted By Kudumbashree NRO

The SVEP team of Bodhgaya Block in Bihar had organised a skill training program for entrepreneurs in association with Rural Self Employment Training (RSETI). The team selected 31 women for the training from different villages after conducting initial set of orientation activities like GOT, EDP and other SHG triggering activities. The selected candidates had gone through 10 days residential training in the BRC of Bodhgaya Block. RSETI provided necessary financial and technical support required for the training.

RSETI training 1

                                                                 Entrepreners with their certificates                                                        

The focus of the ten day training was to impart skills on activities based on which enterprises can be set up. It would help the women entrepreneurs in launching ventures that have scope and are in demand by the locals. Training was given for making different products like candles, papad, spices, pickles, juice, soft toys, bakery products and embroidery & fabric painting. The technical aspects were covered by the expert faculty practitioner from RSETI and other areas like motivational, managerial, financial planning (financial literacy) aspects were imparted by the Director of RSETI. Mithilesh Kumar and Jyoti Kumari, CRP-EPs who have supported more than 100 enterprises in the block, took this initiative under the leadership of mentor Vijayarani.


                   RSETI trianing 4        

                                                                                    Women making Papad 



convergence post

                                                                                  Women preparing mango pickle 


Future course of action would be

• The entrepreneur will take up specific entrepreneurial activity to start an enterprise with the financial and handholding support under SVEP.

• Regular refresher training on soft skills, technology, innovation, financial literacy, value addition of the product would be provided by RSETI.

• In addition RSETI has agreed to conduct training programs in areas like electric motor rewinding & pump set maintenance, beauty parlor management, basic photography & videography, phone servicing, domestic electrical appliance repair, two wheeler servicing, computer DTP, refrigeration & air conditioning, computer tally and computer basics.