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Weekly Haat: Initiative from MECMA (CRPEP) group of Bodhgaya News

Weekly Haat: Initiative from MECMA (CRPEP) group of Bodhgaya

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Sunday, 28 October 2018 17:23 Posted By Kudumbashree NRO

MECMA-Micro Enterprise Consultancy and Marketing Agency, the CRP-EP group from Bodhgaya, has been a passionate group of five men working to support entrepreneurs from the community in setting up and running their business. Members of the group -Sanjeet Kumar, Sunil Kumar, Anuj Kumar, Anirudha Kumar and Suman Kumar, have together helped in setting up more than 50 Micro-Enterprises in Bodhgaya. When they realized that people of the Shekhwara Panchayat had to travel miles for buying vegetables and basic household items, they decided to set up a weekly haat that could help people in fulfilling their daily consumption needs. The idea was discussed with the Block Enterprise Promotion Committee (BEPC) members and Block Project Manager (BPM) SVEP of Bodhgaya district.

As the members of the BEPC were well aware of the persistent issue of the villages, discussions with these members was very helpful and it was decided to set up a haat in the Panchayat. Vijayarani, the mentor from Kudumbashree NRO who had prior experience in setting up sustainable markets, guided the group in executing the idea. The group carried out a background study of the village and found out that there is a possibility of getting around 100 entrepreneurs for the Haat from the Panchayat itself. When they actually went to mobilize entrepreneurs, they were surprised to get more than 125 of them. The market was inaugurated on 13th October, 2018 by BEPC members and District Project Manager. More than 600 people visited the market. It had entrepreneurs who had started their enterprises under SVEP as well as entrepreneurs from within and outside the Panchayat. The market featured products like vegetables, spices, meat & fishe, bamboo products, food products, clothes, jewellery & other fancy items. The overall sales for the market amounted to Rs. 56,468. Looking at the success of the market, it has been decided by the Panchayat to continue it every Tuesday.


Bihar weekly haat

                                           Members of MECMA group with the Banner 

Bihar weekly haat 4

                                                                   Entrepreneurs selling fancy items

Bihar weekly haat 3

                                                              Food items being sold in the market