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Golden Card-Health Benefit under Ayushman Bharat News

Golden Card-Health Benefit under Ayushman Bharat

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Thursday, 28 March 2019 15:45 Posted By Kudumbashree NRO

Golden Card-A Health Benefit under Ayushman Bharat


Ayushman Bharat is a health insurance scheme launched by Government of India in 2018. The main idea of this scheme is to provide health insurance up to Rs. 5,00,000 across all the sections of people in the country. The scheme provides coverage of all diseases/treatment in Government and private hospitals in the country.

Golden Card Camp in Khawlailung Village

Khawlailung is a village situated under the jurisdiction of East Lungdar Block. The village has around 500 families and is also one of the largest in terms of population size in the block. In Mizoram, it is the responsibility of the “Common Service Centres” (CSC) to provide this card to the beneficiaries in the rural areas. But, due to lack of resources the CSCs are not in a position to reach out to all the families in the village. The LRGs with the support of Kudumbashree Mentor Resource Persons met with the owner of CSC, after which they decided to work together in identifying beneficiaries and helping families with providing health card. Thereafter, a meeting was conducted with the Village Council President and also with the Village Organisation (VO) leaders who extended their full support towards organising the camp.


On 22nd March 2019 a camp was organised and a total of 250 families enrolled under the health insurance scheme. The camp turned out to be quite successful. The next step will be to conduct the camp in other villages of Serchhip district with the support from Block teams.

 Golden Card Camp 2

Beneficiaries at the camp
Golden card camp 3
Health camp at Khawlailung Village
Golden card camp 4
Media coverage of the event