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    • Taking part in the participatory planning exercises organized by LRGs not only gave us a lot of information but also empowered us to believe that even women can go forward in life
    • RekhaAtra
    • President of Jai Durga Self Help Group (SHG)
      WardhaDistrict, Maharashtra
    • After forming a SHG and participating in the PRI-CBO Convergence project, I got a MGNREGS job card, a ration card and even funds to build a house under IAY with help from the Panchayat and VO
    • Jun Urang
    • Secretary, Self Help Group (SHG)
      Nagaon District, Assam
    • Since the PRI-CBO Convergence project began, the LRGs and Panchayat’s elected representatives have been working towards providing CBOs with access to information regarding rights and entitlements
    • Pushpalata Saikia
    • Secretary, Mahamaya Village Organisation (VO)
      Nagaon District, Assam
    • I have volunteered for the welfare of my village. I was a V.O member before and I know the importance of information. I feel it's my duty now to talk about the problems among ourselves and find a solution.
    • Bharati Datta Niyogi
    • Kheelpara GP, Tripura
    • Being a part of the Enterprises project has contributed so much to my growth. I used to be a person who was afraid to pick up the mike and didn’t know how to talk to different kinds of people. This project has enabled me to hone my persuasion skills. I have also gained a lot of knowledge regarding business, about which I was clueless earlier.
    • Shimla Banra
    • Micro-Enterprises Consultant (MEC) and Team Leader,
      Khuntpani Cluster, West Singhbhum District, Jharkhand
    • I am glad that a new market-place was created for my products. It will benefit many women entrepreneurs from the Umed SHG network. I am thankful to the MECs who also taught us how to market our products.
    • Disha Kanal
    • Entrepreneur, Sangameshwar, Ratnagiri
    • I focused on engaging with women whom I knew and who were skilled in some way. I attended VO meetings and visited their houses to convince them to start micro-enterprises. I am happy that I was of use to somebody else. I also want to contribute towards my own family’s livelihood since my husband is unemployed
    • Laxmi
    • MEC, Baba Ramdev SHG, Ujala VO,
      Mandla GP, Sultanpur Block, Kota District
    • There have been many changes in my life and myself as a person since I started the enterprise with the support of the micro enterprise consultant (MEC). In the course of this journey, I have grown from strength to strength. I paid for my daughter’s wedding with proceeds from the business. Nothing could be bigger and more satisfying than this. I intend to diversify the business by investing some more money
    • Madhuri Devi
    • Micro Entrepreneur
      Bariya Nawadi Village, Kharrati Gram Panchayat, Dobhi Block, Gaya District, Bihar